UV Flue Gas Analyzer
Model Standard Low Emission Ultra-low Emission
Range 0-300-3000ppm 0-100-300ppm 0-20-100ppm
Linearity ≤±1.5%F.S.
Repeatability ≤±0.5%F.S.
Zero Drift ≤±2%F.S/7d
Span Drift ≤±2%F.S/7d
Response time(T90) ≤10S ≤30S ≤30S
Working Temp -10℃-+40℃
Preheating time No preheating Approx.10 min
Sample Gas Interface Ø6    
Sample Gas Flow (0.5-2)L/min,Fluctuation <25%
Sample Gas Pressure The current encironmental pressure ±0.1 Bar
Sample Temperature 0℃-+50℃
Sample Gas Humidity No condenstation (under sample temperature)
4-20mA inpt interface 3,configurable,100Ω load
4-20mA Output Interface 5,output can be configured ,maximum load capacity <800Ω
Switch Input Interface 6,configured
Relay Output Interface 14,output ca be configured,DC30V2A
Communication Interface 1*RS232,1*RS485(support the Modbus protocol)
Installation Installed in 19inch cabinet
Supply 220VAC±10%
Power Consumption About 100W About 200W  
Dimension 132(H)*483(W)*378(D)mm 177(H)*483(W)*412(D)mm 177(H)*483(W)*434(D)mm

Weight About 10kgs About 12kgs

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