NOx Converter

1. Introduction

NOx gas converter is used for the application that using NO gas analyzer to measure NO2 or NOx. It can convert NO2 to NO in the air or from the stack. This is an optional equipment used before NO gas analyzer, which can got NOx (NO+NO2) value by converting NO2 to NO.

2. Features

  • High conversion rate under low temperature.            
  • Up to 300ppm NO2 switching capacity
  • A long lifespan
  • The patented conversion tube structure
  • Micro processing controller intelligent temperature control
  • The temperature can be adjusted freely
  • With the temperature alarm
  • With the LED display
  • 19 "rack enclosure and wall-mounted type optional
  • Easy for replacement of special switching tube design

3. Specifications

  • Working temperature: 365℃            
  • Prewarming time: 30 minutes            
  • Sample gas pressure: 1.5bar            
  • Sample gas flow rate: 120L/h            
  • Sample gas temperature: 5-80℃            
  • Dew point: <10 C            
  • Environment temperature: 5-50℃            
  • Storage and transportation temperature: -20 - 70℃            
  • Relative humidity: <80%RH            
  • Power supply: 220VAC, 50/60Hz            
  • Power consumption: about 400W            
  • Eack installation: 19 ", 3U or wall-mounted (different type)           
  • Weight: about 5.5Kg            
  • The protection grade: IP20            
  • The conversion efficiency >95% (new conversion tube)            
  • The conversion tube service life: more than 12 months, depending on the concentration of NO2            
  • The maximum capacity: 300ppm (flow 60L/h)

4. Note

Usually rack type is widely used, but wall-mounted type is also available. Picture is in the below:

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