ECM Series Gas Condenser

1. Introduction

ECM1/2 series gas condenser is used in the sample gas pretreatment system to remove moisture from the sample. Precise measurement of gas composition means sample gas under dew point can be stable even under bad environment. ECM condenser is to improve measurement precision and life span.

2. Features

  • Perfect design, only one component: compressor
  • Two-loop system
  • Two-loop heating exchanger
  • Constant temperature adjusting system with patent
  • With temperature display
  • Temperature alarm
  • Dew point stability: 0.2℃
  • Environment protection refrigeration without Freon

3. Specification

1.Ambient Temp:0~45℃
6.Dew point Temp:4℃(Factory set)
2.Temp Control Accuracy:<±0.2℃
7.Power supply:220VAC 50/60Hz
3.Gas Inlet Temp:<80℃
8.Voltage:300V, fuse:10A
4.Gas flow rate:<300L/h
9.IP grade:IP20
5.Warming-up Time:15 min
10.Installation:wall mounted or 19”rack

4. Note

Wall mounted type is usually used by our clients, but 19'' rack type is also available,


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