SS-600C Hot & Wet Waste Incineration CEMS System

I. Introduction

SS-600C Hot & Wet Waste Incineration CEMS System developed and produced by Senshang Instruments is to monitor the total air pollutant emissions from stationary sources in waste incineration power plant, to measure SO2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, HCL, NH3, O2 and H2O, as well as simultaneously to measure particles content, gas flow, gas pressure, gas temperature and so on. The hot-wet sampling system: All components (probe, sample line, pump and analyzer sample cell) in contact with the gas stream are maintained above the dew point of the flue gas to prevent condensation of reactive vapors. This approach does not incorporate a gas cooler. The Hot-Wet sampling approach results in a simple and reliable sampling system with high availability.

CEMS consists of:
1)Gas analysis monitoring system.
2)Particles monitoring system.
3)Gas temperature/pressure/velocity measurement
4)Data Analysis System.

II. Application fields

It is widely applied to the monitoring of flue gas emissions in ultra-low emission field, thermal power plant, industrial kiln / boiler, cement industry, petroleum industry, waste incineration power generation, hazardous waste incineration and other industries.

III. Specifications

Measurement items Ranges(can be customized)
SO2 0-150-750mg/m3
NO 0-200-1000mg/m3
CO 0-500-2500mg/m3
CO2 0-20%vol-40%vol
NH3 0-20-100mg/m3
HCL 0-100-500mg/m3
H2O 0-20%vol-40%vol
O2 0-5%vol-25%vol
Zero drift ≤±2%F.S./7d
Span drift ≤±2%F.S./7d
Linearity error ≤±1%F.S.
Response time ≤200s
Repeatability ≤0.5%
Resolution ≤0.005mg/m3
Temperature 0-300℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.5%F.S.
Pressure -5-5KPa(relative)
Pressure accuracy ±0.5%F.S.
Gas flow 0-30m/s
Velocity accuracy ±0.5%F.S.
Particles 0-5-25mg/Nm3
Particle max error ≤±1.5%F.S./7d
Particle zero drift ≤±1.5%F.S./7d
Particle span drift ≤±1.5%F.S.

IV. Product feature

1.Maximum 8 gas components measurement, able to measure O2 and H2O(humidity).
2.System cabinet modular design, simple operation, less maintenance.
3.Hot & Wet sampling system, no gas condensation, little SO2 and other gases loss.
4.Adopt ultra-low dust monitor to measure particles.
5.Adopt temp/pressure/velocity all-in-one instrument to measure gas T/P/F.
6.The stability and reliability of the system are higher by PLC design.
7.With anti-corrosive material.
8.With auto purging function.

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